Your Hosts

Cheryl is the voice behind Mommypants, a blog about the REAL moments of parenting and whatever other topics dance through her brain.

She was a professional journalist for 16 years, primarily as a sportswriter, including seven years covering Major League Baseball. Her work has appeared in the Orange County Register, Sports Illustrated, the Palm Beach Post and The Hartford Courant among other publications.

She grew up on the East Coast but now lives with her husband, three kids, two dogs and one Betta fish in Orange County, CA.

Nichole writes in these small moments, a blog where she captures the wonder, beauty, and whimsy of the small moments with her children.

She earned her undergraduate degree in English from The University of Texas and her master’s in English from California State University.

Before having children, she worked as an English professor, teaching Composition and Shakespeare, much preferring the latter.

Like Cheryl, Nichole spent her childhood on the East Coast.  She currently lives in Northern California with her husband and two children, Katie, 3, and Matthew, 14 months.

Katie is the overly ambitious writer of three blogs. Her “home” blog, Sluiter Nation, is an account of her struggles and joys as she finds her way in her new role of mother. Exploded Moments is a little side project that was started to explore other forms of writing. She also reviews books at Katie's Bookcase.

Katie has her bachelor’s in English/Spanish Education from Western Michigan University and her Master’s in English with an Emphasis on Teaching also from WMU. She has written for her small, home town newspaper, but currently teaches high school English and Spanish. She also holds an adjunct position as a composition instructor at Grand Rapids Community College.

She was born, raised, and still lives in West Michigan with her husband, 18 month old son, and cat.