Monday, August 30, 2010

Cut me! (Ericka: that's a Rocky reference, FYI)

We are thrilled that so many of you want to join our Red Dress Blog. It's pretty exciting to have that kind of interest. More than 100 of you have applied. Which leads us to a problem: Blogger only allows 100 subscribers to a private blog. We have no idea why.

We're working on moving the blog to Wordpress but until we can do that, we will form a waiting list.

Which leads us to the beautiful drawing of us crafted by Ericka.

Here's the thing: you guys aren't really commenting on the pieces that are submitted. Now, some of you are diligent about it, but with 100 members? We should be getting at least 20-25 minimum.

We understand you're busy. We do. But if you're not an active member, we will cut you. MWAHAHAHA!

(insert high-pitched eee eee eee eee horror-movie sounds).

It's just that we have women who want to join, and if you're not participating? Well, we need to make room for those who do.

If you don't comment on a piece on The Red Dress Blog in the next two weeks, you might be cut. We'll try to make it as painless as possible. And once we get our WP site up and running, everyone who wants to will be able to join.

Thanks for your understanding and mostly, thanks so much for your interest and support of our little club.

***To clear up a little confusion. This post is in reference ONLY to members of The Red Dress Blog, the password-protected blog where we post your submissions. It is not for any of the link-ups or for the Red Writing Hood meme.

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