Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Featured Blogger -- CDG

This week, we're featuring CDG* and her lovely, whimsical blog, Move Over Mary Poppins!

Tell us about yourself: You don't start with the easy questions, do you? I'm a thirty something Mama, a wife, a nanny. I'm an aspiring romance novelist. I've studied culinary arts, music, writing. I'm passionate about all of them, though I do none of them professionally. I knit. I read. I'm by turns shy and extroverted. I'm irreverent and sarcastic, fierce and loyal. I am an Aries.

Give us a 30-second elevator pitch about your blog: Move Over Mary Poppins! began nearly five years ago as a place for me to ponder life as a nanny in the days of Louise Woodward and The Nanny Diaries. My nannying life was nothing like that. It was more like being a SAHM - in someone else's home. Over the years, the blog has evolved with me into a place to share a glimpse of my work life (names changed, of course), my home life, and for the last few months, my writerly life. It's equal parts fiction, haiku, memoir, food, parenting/nannying, moments with my two year old son, and the slow renovation of our home.

What literary character would you be and why?: Kind of an obscure one. Her name is Mireille, and she is at the center of Katherine Neville's The Eight, which is my favorite novel in the history of ever. She lives a remarkable and challenging life amidst adventure and danger and loss, loves passionately and without regret, and is a redhead! I really want to be a redhead.

If you could carve your initials on a tree, which tree would it be and why?: When I was a dreamy teenager, there was a beech tree in the woods behind our house that was all knobbly and twisted at the roots, a really huge, old tree. I used to wish for a boyfriend to kiss me under that tree. It never happened, but still. That would be the tree.

What animal does your husband look like and why?: I'm not sure he'd like the comparison, but a Bullmastiff. He's solid and warm. He's big and fierce looking, but in truth? Strong, gentle, loyal, protective. He has a serious face that just lights up when he smiles.

If you could only save one of your existing posts in a fire, which would you choose and why?: Oh no... No. No. No. I have well over seven hundred posts. I've been blogging for five years. One post? Right now, it would be Swamped at the Library because it's such a perfect snapshot of my son captured in time.

*To retain her privacy, she chooses to go by CDG.