Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Featured Blogger - Sara from Unofficial Mom

Today's Featured Blogger is Sara from Unofficial Mom, where she writes about lots of stuff, especially her daughter. Also, I'd say she's pretty official, but that's just me.

1. Tell us about yourself: Oh how I wish I had some clever, pithy answer to this question. I totally don’t. So I’m stuck with the basics. I’m a daughter, sister, wife, etc. But this year has been all about my daughter. We adopted a perfect, little girl in January of this year. She has been my tunnel-like focus, and like so many people, the reason I started blogging. Well, my daughter in particular probably isn’t the reason anyone else started blogging…but you never know…she is awesome.

2. Give us a 30-second elevator pitch about your blog: I’m a mommy blogger. There, I said it! My name is Sara and I am a mommy blogger. {Hi Sara!} I know mommy blogger is often looked down on, like chick lit, but I think both are valid. And it’s totally not because I write both of those things either. I’ve wandered away from the point. I write about a little of everything. It’s started out about my daughter and our open adoption, but has evolved into that, plus writing, plus things that entertain me. I hope it entertains other people too.

3. Who is your favorite literary character and why?: This one is so tough. But I’d have to say Roxane from Cyrano de Bergerac. Despite being distracted by appearances she ultimately falls in love with true beauty. Cyrano is not an aesthetically pleasing guy, but he has wooed Roxane for his entire adult life, giving her beautiful, longing, soul satisfying words. And at the end of his life, when Roxane realizes it has been Cyrano writing her all along, his appearance is of no consequence. She loves him because of the way he made her feel. I like that.

4. What kind of tree would you carve your initials on and why?: An oak. I’ve talked about this a little before, but it’s a very full circle tree for me. I fully intend to get an oak tree tattoo when I find the right design. I was born in Royal Oak, Michigan and then later discovered that the oak tree is symbol of good luck in fertility. See? Full circle.

5. What animal does your husband look like and why?: According to some gay friends he’s a total bear. Heh. But I’ve always associated him with an anteater. When we first started dating I was struggling with how different we were, how differently we had grown up. He said to me one day, “It doesn’t matter how different we are, we’re supposed to be together. If I was an anteater and you were an ant, I’d just carry you around on my nose all day.” Cue the awwws.

6. If you could save one post in a fire, what post would it be and why?: Another tough one, but it would certainly be one of the Pie {my daughter for any new readers} stories. I think ‘I Do Not Remember THAT From 8th Grade Health’ though. It’s the details of the day my daughter was born. I know as the years go by, some of the minutiae will get fuzzy and I would hate to lose any of it.

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