Monday, February 21, 2011

Red Writing Hood

We're going to switch it up just a little for this week's prompt.

The past few prompts have really brought the sad out of us, real or imagined. We think it's time to lighten things up around here. To have some fun.

So this week, we're asking you to let yourself go and get in touch with your funny.

The prompt is based on one from Absolute Write.

I don't know if you've ever seen the eBay or Craig's List ads by people selling things from someone with whom they've had a big argument or a breakup. But they can be hilarious.

We want you to imagine you've just had a fight with a friend, a co-worker, husband, significant other, child - you get the picture. You're mad. It's time for revenge.

What would you sell?

Write a humorous listing for eBay or Craig's List. Talk about the history of the items, why they must go.

Then come back and link up with us here Friday.

Remember, have FUN with this! You know you have it in you!

One last thing: Word limit is 600.

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