Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Grab Your Partner

We are thrilled that so many of you are interested in working with a writing partner.

Cheryl, Katie, and I matched, to the best of our ability, those who we thought might work well together. Some of you we obviously know better than others, but we do hope you are all happy with the partner(s) we chose for you.

If you find your styles don't complement one another, we will keep a list of those who are interested in partners available for you to look through.

We expect that there will be some shuffling around, but we trust that you'll be able to find a perfect match.

If your name is not listed and you are interested in finding a partner, please leave your name, twitter handle, and blog name in the comments and we will match you with someone.

If you have changed your mind and do not want a partner after all, please let your partner and one of us know.

Lastly, if you could leave a quick comment to confirm that you've seen these pairings, we would truly appreciate it. Thanks!

Here goes...

@CrayonWrangler &
Amy (@MadsBlogginMom)

Evonne (@_Mamajules_) &
Jessica Anne (@Jessica_Anne_CA)

Kelly (@DancesWithChaos) &
Kir (@TheKirCorner)

Lydia (@Lydsquidmom) &
Kelly (@Kpugs)

CDG (@MoveOverMaryPoppins) &
Yuliya (@SheSuggests)

Mandy (@In_mandyland) &
Ash (@AshatShades)

Jennifer (@Jenrambles) &
Angela (@tiaras_trucks)

Brooke (@Brookelinville) &
Stacey (@Staceysmoments)

Tracie (@fromtracie) &
Emily (@emilyKND)

Kelly G (http://theguerraclan.blogspot.com/) &
Carrie (@Miss_Scarlett99)

Stephanie (@poopscoopinmama) &
Amanda (@mommylebron)

Jennifer Dillon http://whispatory.wordpress.com/ &
Jennifer (@midwestmomments)
Sara (@sarafree)

Law Momma (@lawmomma77) &
Amy (@transplantedx3)

Stephanie (@schwandy) &
varunner (@varunner7)

Cmom (@ciaomom) &
Jackie Cross (@jackiecross)

Melanie (melanieb120) &
Miri (@lifeafterpush) &
Sara (@mothershideaway)

Life as a CEO (@cmacceo) &
MrsBear (@MrsBear0309)

Trish (@paysoncousin) &
Katie (@addingtonmom)

Nicole (@nicoleabdou) &
Courtney (@MrsMommyMatters)

NayLahKnee (@naylahknee) &
Tiffany (http://jayteekayeee.blogspot.com/)

The BMG (@The_BMG),
Belle’s Butterfly (@bellesbutterfly), &
Kayla (@MojoMamaBlog)

Jessica (@jessicatorres4) &
Alex (@alexcampbell11)

Mandy (@tempestbeauty) &
Karen (@Karen_C_Wilson)

Lori (@loriwrites) &
Amanda (@thoughtsfromher)

Cate (@reallifewkids),
Jill (@writefromjill), &
Leslie (@lesliedf)

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