Monday, April 18, 2011

Burned out?

We all know about Bloggy Burnout. We all have bloggers we've followed who've decided to stop, for various reasons.

The biggest cause is burnout.

Bloggers get tired of the pressure to come up with new stuff every day. Of pouring their heart into a post only to get a couple comments. Of becoming obsessed with stats. Of wondering why certains bloggers don't come around anymore.

I get it. I so do.

And now I'm starting to see it for our writing prompts.

That pressure to write. That pressure to get something, ANYTHING, down. The feeling of disappointment when it doesn't come together. The fear of concrit.

Maybe you get upset when you don't get the comments, the concrit, the praise that you wanted.

Thing is, you are not obligated to do the prompts. It should be something about which you're excited and challenged, not something hanging over your head like a bad smell.

Writing is hard.

Writing is hard.

There are days where you just aren't feeling it. To me, those are the most important days to work on the discipline of writing. As one Major League Baseball manager says, "Anybody can play when it's sunny out."

That being said, we all have busy lives. Work, family, friends, our blogs - it's a lot.

We just want to let you know it's okay if you don't want to do every prompt. It's okay. Pick the ones that appeal to you. Read a few more than usual the times you don't.

We love to have all of you. We love reading your stories - and we DO read them, even if we don't always comment - and hope you have found a supportive home here.

Mostly, write for yourselves. In the end, you're the only one who matters.

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