Wednesday, June 15, 2011

literary flatus

Do you ever feel like you have to write something all deep and meaningful if you're going to link up?

I'll admit it--sometimes I feel that way.

Sometimes I look at a prompt (yes, even the ones I pick) and think, "well, shit.  All I have are stories about farts."

And you know what?

I have come to realize that is Ok.

It is by no means a requirement that you dig deep into your soul for something that will make us all sob with feeling.

You can be funny sometimes.

You can be light and glib sometimes.

You can make fun of...whatever you want.

In fact, as a reader?  I get VERY excited when I come upon something silly.  Not because the deep ones don't touch me and move me, but let's be honest...I can only tear up so many times before 9am and I need to find something (besides the hysterical antics of Curious George) to lighten my mood.

Good writing doesn't always have to evoke sobbing.

Contrary to what the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences says regarding comedies?  They can be good writing.

And  memoir-writing can be funny too.  I think Jen Lancaster sealed that up for everyone with five {hilarious} memoirs on the New York Best Sellers list.

So go ahead!  Write about poop or farts or that time you threw up on a girl's shoes at your own bachelorette party (wait...was that just me?  oops).

Or not.  Funny is not everyone's bag...but if you haven't tried it?  Maybe that is the next PUSH you want to give yourself.

What do you think?  Easy or hard to write something funny?

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