Thursday, July 8, 2010

Check your inbox!

We have sent out the invitations for The Red Dress Blog, the private blog where you can post submissions for critique by other members. You should receive one in your inbox. If you applied and did not receive one, please email us so we can take care of it.

If you haven't applied yet, please do! We always have room for more!




  1. I should apply, I need people to critique my work.

  2. Yes, you really should apply!! ;)

  3. I don't get it, what do we do?

    <--- up late and tired

  4. if you haven't applied for the private blog then click "join us" on the nav bar, fill out the info on the contact sheet and then we'll send you an invite to join the private blog. we've set that particular blog to private because that's where we will critique each others' work and we don't want everyone to see our pieces. let us know if you have any other questions!! :)


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