Friday, July 9, 2010

Red Writing Hood

You didn't think we were going to have a writers blog and not have a meme, did you?

Silly bloggers! And my, what big, um, keyboards you have! Because this meme? It's called Red Writing Hood. Get it?

Okay. Let's get to it.

Starting next Tuesday, we will announce the weekly meme. It will be a writing exercise, a prompt to encourage you to stretch your writing chops a bit. Friday, we will have a McLinky here. You are invited to post on your personal blog and link up at TRDC.

It's going to be fun. It will!

Make sure you grab our button (it's over on the right sidebar).

We look forward to watching the creativity fly!

Have a great idea for a writing prompt for the meme? Email us with "Red Writing Hood" in the subject line.




  1. I'm excited for this one. Yesterday I was having a bit of a block on what to write about for today's post. I ended up Googling something like "Creative writing prompts", which worked in the end. I have a very short answer to a creative prompt up today. Now? It will be right here waiting. Thanks!!

  2. Yes! We will do the work for you. Well, the coming up with the idea part, that is! ;)

  3. glad you'll be participating!

  4. ooh, this sounds like a great meme. I'm always needing more ideas on what to write about, also, I really want to get better at writing.
    I'm following you now :)

  5. Sweet! Can't wait!

  6. glad to have you aboard crystal! and glad you like the idea ashley! i know it will definitely help me get out of a blogging rut.

  7. I always like a good juicy meme to sink my teeth into.

  8. Very excited about this blog. Heard about you over at the WriteRunner. This meme sounds like the kickstart I need to get writing something new.

  9. oooooooh I can't wait to see!

  10. Thanks so much for joining Raquel!! Glad the word is getting out!

    Thanks JoAnn! It should be a fun meme. :)

  11. Raquel - glad my brother gave me the shout-out, even tho he complained about this being a womens club! Hope you like it here!

  12. I can't say it enough times, cheryl and erika: thank you.

    I am in love with this idea, and you've made my week...maybe even month.

    I'll have to let you know.

    But, i'm in...oh, I.AM.SO.IN.

  13. Ok, I just have to add my excitement to this as well. So did you do the RWH yesterday and I missed it??? I promise I'm gettin' on the ball with this one now. Love me a good writing prompt.


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