Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Writing Hood

This week's meme is a bit different than last week. We hope it'll be fun and lead to a lot of great posts.

Also? Don't be so shy, people! I know a lot of you were kinda feeling out the process last week, but everyone who participated did a fabulous job and seemed to enjoy it. So join in and link up this Friday!

We got this prompt from here. This could be a good way for us all to work on voice. And dialogue. And everything else.

Pick four numbers, each between 1 and 10.

Write them down so you remember.

The first number will be for your character, the second your setting, the third the time and the fourth will be the situation.

Then take the four elements and combine them into a short story.

All four you picked MUST be your main elements, but you can add in other characters, settings, times and situations.


1. A new mother

2. An actress

3. A recent high school graduate

4. A waitress

5. An alien

6. A homeless man

7. An elderly woman

8. A freshman in high school

9. A college student

10. A musician


1. The woods

2. A wedding reception

3. A party

4. A restaurant

5. A mall

6. A park

7. A beach

8. A lake

9. A baseball game

10. A seminar


1. Winter

2. During a thunderstorm

3. The morning after prom

4. Spring

5. December

6. Midnight or around midnight

7. Summer

8. In the middle of a fire

9. In the middle of a snowstorm

10. The afternoon


1. A death

2. Secret needs to be told

3. Someone has or will hurt someone

4. A crime has occured or is about to

5. Someone has lost/found something

6. Someone is falling in love

7. Reminiscing on how things change

8. There has been a family emergency

9. Something embarrassing happened

10. Someone has just gone to the doctor.



  1. this sounds like fun. I'm looking forward to it.

  2. Oooooh!!! Lovely idea..... I am so gonna join this time...

  3. Looks like fun, just need my brain to wake up a little. :)

  4. This sounds fun, but I actually have three more segments of the "your mother" story to share. I will be doing so each Friday for Friday Flash. So I'll have to miss out on the next few memes.

    A lot of people in the group want to know where "The Letter" is going. I don't think it's appropriate to link up to the meme if I'm not doing it, so I'll have to figure out how to share...

  5. Ok . . . I'm going to try this one! I might need a day or two to get my thoughts together - wish me luck!!!

  6. There's an award for you guys over at my blog! Come and get it while it's hot!

  7. This sounds like fun. I'll def be joining. :)

  8. I'm tapped out on my ms after a week of writing. Sooo, I'm in! Post on Friday, the 23rd?

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  9. Darn it, I missed this one. Forgive the newbie mistake? Now that I know it falls on Tuesdays, I will be back. Though I'm thinking I'll take a stab at this one as well - fun.


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