Thursday, November 18, 2010

14 Things That We've Learned While Doing NaNo

That's right. We're rebels. Also we're tired (see yesterday's post). So we present to you the 14 things we've learned so far this month. Feel free to add any more in the comments.


1) I really miss watching television. There, I said it. Desperate Housewives, The Good Wife, Parenthood, and House all beckon me and my DVR is steadily filling up.

2) I miss my two blogs and my lovely bloggy friends. There hasn't been enough time at the end of the day to make my rounds and I am counting the days until December, hoping that they still remember my name.

3) I can either shower or write 1400 words. Doing my hair and makeup cost me an additional 2000. Can you guess how this month has played out?

4) I miss Twitter. She's a seductress and I love her so.

5) Our mailbox can hold precisely five days worth of mail that I can't make time to retrieve.

6) It is impossible to write with any elegance while doing NaNo. I'm writing at what I have to assume is a fifth-grade reading level.

7) I am more determined and tenacious than I realized and I wouldn't have known that unless I'd taken on this challenge.


1) Those voices that constantly chatter in my head? They actually can be typed right into the computer.

2) I can tell my husband, "No, I'm not BLOGGING again" and not be lying.

3) This fiction thing is fun. Really, really fun. Especially when it doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense and I totally don't have to edit it.

4) I can't help editing some of it.

5) I think about the characters more almost as much as I think about my kids.

6) Excuses for not writing are just that: excuses.

7) Taking a step toward a dream is scary. But not as scary as not trying at all.

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