Thursday, November 4, 2010

Read much?

I used to.

Just ask my husband. The bookcase in his office literally overflows onto the floor. Okay, the floor part is because a certain toddler likes to pull them out. But seriously. I love love love books.

And I'm a fast reader. So I devour them like a kid eating candy on Halloween.

But ever since I had children, I stopped reading novels - mostly due to exhaustion and too much Goodnight Moon and, of course, severe lack of "me" time. And now that I have two blogs, there's even less time for myself. Browsing a bookstore without chasing a toddler or helping the older kids select a book is a luxury I don't have.

I last read a book when I flew this August to New York City for BlogHer and had many uninterrupted hours on planes and in airports. My Kindle was my best friend.

The truth about being a good writer is you also have to be a good reader. You have to read a LOT.

So, I wonder - would I be better served spending the hours reading instead?

To many, writing is catharsis. We have to do it, otherwise words would explode in our brain and run out our ears.

And yes, we need writers or else there would be no books, right?

Where is the balance?

I miss losing myself in a book. It's been too long.

Do you read? Do you wish you read more? Do you carve out time for it or just grab a page or two when you can?

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