Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Featured Blogger - Grace from Arms Wide Open

Today's Featured blogger is Grace from Arms Wide Open. Grace writes about appreciating motherhood, especially as a survivor of PPD.

1. Tell us about yourself: I am a 29 year-old wife of 7 years and mommy to a sweet 2 year-old boy. My husband and I have lived in Mexico since 2006 to fulfill a life-long dream of immersing ourselves in another culture and language. I love to write, swim, travel, run and cook. I am somewhat of a self proclaimed sun-worshipper, but always an Oregonian at heart!

2. Give us a 30-second elevator pitch about what your blog is about: My blog is a public journal of my struggles with postpartum depression & my subsequent journey of healing. I write my personal thoughts on marriage, mothering, and the challenges of living thousands of miles from "home." I strive to write with authenticity and truth in the hope that my words will resonate with (mostly) women who thought they were alone in their struggles. On a light-hearted side, I also post gorgeous pictures of Mexico and my adorable son, recipes and beautiful things that I drool over on the internet.

3. What literary character would you be and why?: I would love to be Anne from Anne of Green Gables. She is bold and fiesty and lovely and brave and intelligent and strong. This was my absolute favorite childhood story. I love most that she overcame rejection, fear and insecurity to become successful in life AND love.

4. If you could carve your initials on a tree, what tree would it be and why?: It would be a huge tree on the shore of the Puget Sound in Seattle's Discovery Park where my husband proposed to me 8 years ago. It is a magical, magical place.

5. What animal does your husband look like and why?: Good grief I have sat here for about five minutes racking my brain and cannot come up with a worthy animal. I suppose I will have to settle on a buffalo because he is quite hairy, stocky... and stubborn!

6. If you could only save one post in a fire, which would it be and why?: The first post I thought of would be this one: Thoughts on Bonding. The post represents a huge turning point for me in my postpartum journey, when I truly began to love motherhood (or at least realize I did!) and feel confident in myself as a mother to my son. The memories that inspired this post are unforgettable and still fresh in my mind and heart. (the sweet comments were lost in my switch to Disqus :( ...)

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