Saturday, September 25, 2010

Calling all writers

We are always looking for content that is both interesting and practical. Truth is - and I know this will be a shocker - we don't know everything there is to know about writing.

We're learning, too.

So we're putting out a call for guest posters.

Here's how it'll work. If you're interested, and you have something to say about writing - the process, inspiration, useful advice for publishing, finding an agent, etc. - please submit your idea to us. You don't have to give us the actual post. Just send the idea and if we think it will work, we will contact you. And then we'll want the whole enchilada!

We hope you will find other voices helpful.

In other news, we've gotten questions about whether this is a fiction-only club. It is definitely not. In fact, for those of you who belong to the private blog, you've seen the non-fiction submissions.

We encourage all writers to participate. For the Red Writing Hood, we are going to have prompts for both fiction and non-fiction writers. We're going to try, anyway!

Thank you for your patience while we continue working to make The Red Dress Club a fab place to be.

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