Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Featured Blogger - Natalie from Mommy of a Monster

Today's featured blogger, Natalie, can be found running around like a crazy person after her three little kids over at Mommy of a Monster (I mean toddler) & infant twins.

1. Tell us about yourself: Hi everybody! I'm Natalie, a 36 year-old stay-at-home mom to three. I have a 3 year-old son who goes one hundred miles per hour from the time he opens his eyes in the morning until the time he closes them at night. I also have 1 year-old twin girls who are as different as night and day, usually run in opposite directions to cause trouble, and keep me on my toes.

I'm a shy, quiet, reserved woman until you get to know me; then I'm loud, outgoing and I talk non-stop! I love everything about reading, gardening, cooking, my kids, my large, extended family, and wine! Since I stumbled into the world of blogging back in March, I have realized that I could never again live without writing. Though I'm far from calling myself "a writer", I'm working on it, one baby step at a time.

Prior to having kids, I worked in several managerial positions, specifically in human resources. Although some days I miss working outside of the home and the adult interaction, I wouldn't trade staying at home to raise my children for anything! This stay-at-home mom gig is the hardest job I've ever had, and in my last job, I worked for a boss we referred to as "Satan" working 65+ hours a week. These kids are much tougher to deal with than he ever was!

2. Give us a 30-second elevator pitch about your blog:  Mommy of a Monster(I Mean Toddler) & Infant Twins started as a place for me to capture the day-to-day chaos that comes with raising three kids under three to share with family and friends. It slowly has developed into my private retreat...a place for me to write about anything and everything. From being a mom to watching the kids grow and develop to memories of my childhood and family, nothing is off limits. I occasionally blog about my struggles with infertility and my battle with depression. I've been told that I write from a humorous angle. Well of course I do! If I don't laugh, I'll cry! Being at home with three young kids all day is enough to drive anybody crazy!

3. If you could be any literary character, who would it be and why?: This one is easy...Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyer. Although very tied to Rochester, she's strong and complex. She's courageous and bold (traits I admire). And she always wants and tries to do the right thing while also retaining her independence. She had flaws and was not always confident in herself, but that's what makes her so real and relatable.

4. If you could carve your name on a tree, what kind of tree would it be and why?: If I ever carved my name in a tree, I would want to carve mine and my husband's name (Natalie + Jason), but I guess that's beside the point. I would carve our names into a Japanese Maple. Although slow growing, the Japanese maple is beautiful, graceful and elegant; similar to the way our love has grown. But its trunk isn't always smooth and it does have some bumps, just like all relationships.

5. What animal does your husband look like and why?: 
I wouldn't say he looks like one, but the animal that reminds me the most of my husband is a dolphin. Before you laugh, let me explain! He loves the ocean. Dolphins are free-spirited, strong, intelligent, and love to be in groups (like a family). They always seem happy and carefree. Now I'm not saying my husband skips around with a big goofy smile on his face singing "Kumbaya" all day long, but he is a pretty laid-back guy!


  1. You are so funny! And a great writer...I keep telling you that! Keep it up're awesome and I love you very much!

  2. I feel like I'm stalking you today! Great post and I'm glad that I don't have to picture your husband skipping and singing :)


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