Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Featured Blogger - Kerri from Kerri's Klutter

1) Tell us about yourself.

Talking about myself makes me incredibly anxious. I have always dreaded new hire orientations because you can almost guarantee that there will be a round the table tell us a little about yourself discussion.

Until recently I used to think I feared it so much because I'm by nature, a very quiet and private person.

The truth of the matter is I am much better at writing then talking.

In general I am 32 years old; I've been married for 8 years and am a Mommy to two little boys ages 4 and 2. Besides being the household manager at home I have also worked on the weekends as a receptionist for the last 4 years and am now also taking on an early morning job helping a mother get her young ones on the school bus.

I am addicted to coffee, making lists and planning. I love karaoke, dancing and my lap top. I enjoy cooking, baking and grocery shopping.... alone. I dislike expectations, assumptions and people who wave you on at a 4-way stop even when it's not your turn to go.

I pretty much always cry when I get really angry, my boys making each other laugh always makes me smile and even though I say I can't stand being busy I think I secretly thrive when I am.

Life is disorderly so I blog in an attempt to organize it.

2) Give us a 30-second "elevator pitch" telling us what your blog is about.

Kerri's Klutter began as a personal journey to write honestly about life, to convey true feelings and relate to others. We all have things we're working on, dealing with, and growing from, all too often clutter gets in the way, clouds our judgment and confuses our direction. At Kerri’s Klutter it’s about not having all the answers and being okay continuing to look for them. Kerri's Klutter is where being a work in progress is not only accepted but expected.

3) Who is your favorite literary character and why?

One of my favorite books and one I always recommend is "She's Come Undone" by Wally Lamb.

Dolores Price is a woman who simply struggles to live.

She survives her life with fierceness, determination and perseverance.

She is a little bit of every woman; I have ever met, including myself.

4) If you could carve your initials on a tree, what kind of tree would you pick and why?

My parent’s house, where I grew up, has a few beautiful white birch trees that I used to play under. When I was little I always pretended I was a Mommy because back in those days I was certain I never actually would be one. I remember I would sit at their knobby bases peeling the paper from their trunks and I would talk to my pretend husband and order my pretend children to finish their dinners.

Looking back I don't know if I ever carved my initials there underneath the drooping branches that I would sometimes pull down and weave into pretend diamond necklaces around my neck.

If they don't exist already I would carve them there now with my non-pretend children’s initials right underneath.

5) What animal does your husband look like and why?

What animal does he look like? Are you trying to get me in trouble here or what?!?

Oh my.

What attracted me to my husband was his eyes so I went in search of an animal that had similar eyes. I probably spent way too much time clicking through photos but I think I found it.

And, it's husband approved!

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