Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Featured Blogger - Nancy from Away We Go

Today's featured blogger can be found - with her papal son - over at Away We Go.

1. Tell us about yourself: I am presently a stay-at-home mother, although I call myself a "writer" when filling out school/medical forms. I was born in Arizona, which makes me the only person I know who dreams of a dirt-brown Christmas. 

Presently, I live in Maryland with my husband and two boys. We're a ten minute walk from the Chesapeake Bay. Despite my older son's pleading, I refuse to let him bring home dead fish or partially decaying Blue Crabs. I'm mean like that. 

When I'm not herding preschoolers, I enjoy running, yoga, reading, writing, and consuming coffee.

2. Give us a 30-second elevator pitch about your blog:  Away We Go is my place to ramble about motherhood, creativity, friendship, and food. It's funny, lovely, goofy, and imperfect---much like life itself. I don't blog to earn money or to develop an army of followers---I blog because there is nothing more joyful than living a perfect moment twice--in person, and on the page. 

3. If you could be any literary character, who would it be and why?: Besides Jessica Wakefield from Sweet Valley High? I suppose I am partial to Penelope from The Odyssey. Yes, she waits for Odysseus all those years, but she also keeps all those suitors in line without ever, ever, letting them gain control. She's crafty. Even when her long-lost husband returns, she makes him jump through a few hoops for her. I like that in a woman.

4. If you could carve your name on a tree, what kind of tree would it be and why?: I'm from Arizona, and therefore do not know the names of trees. Maple, Oak, Poplar? Couldn't tell the difference. So, I'll just say I would carve my name into a cactus, because a wise, prickly tree that has survived war, drought, lightening, and rednecks with rifles would certainly endure my pathetic, furtive carvings. 

5. What animal does your husband look like and why?: Oh, this is easy. My husband is a marathon runner. He looks like a stork. A lean, fast, prison-legged stork. I outweigh him on most days, and I weigh 138 pounds. 

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